Sunday, July 31

Pirate Themed Word Wall Headers

Well, it's official. I am a first-year first grade teacher and I couldn't be happier! My dad spent the past two days helping me set up my classroom and as it turns out, the man has a knack for desk arrangements (unlike his masters-degree, certified daughter. HaHa) There's still a LOT to do in the next two weeks to prepare but I've at least decided upon my theme for the year...pirates!

I've found a lot of great resources to get me started but will be making some of my own things as well that I'm more than willing to share. In fact, attached (click HERE for the link) are the headings for my word wall. I plan on finishing the high frequency word list (on gold coins) later this week, so if you're interested in using these, check back later for free downloads...

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